Questioning accepted theories in science . . .

How dare I?  How can anyone question special relativity?  Well, I’m not the only one.  And, there are many questions scientists have no clue about, or never discuss.   (Examples: what is an electron, exactly?  How do any two separated particles attract or repel each other? Does empty space exist, does it have any properties, does it have any meaning, and can it be considered to be a medium?)

Often, the things we accept are incomplete or wrong.  It doesn’t hurt to be a skeptic.

Here are some questions in physics which have never been truly and/or completely  answered (and perhaps never will):

  • What is the physical nature of force?
  • Is the speed of light truly limited?  If it is, why?
  • Is the universe expanding?   Is that due to the expansion of space?
  • Is space the absence of all matter, or something more?  How can it expand?
  • What is the nature of light?  Where do all the photons come from?
  • Why do electrons circle protons?
  • What is time?  How can it be slowed by motion or by a gravitational field?
  • What exactly is gravity?

There are many other questions that could be added to this list, but hopefully, this is a good start.

This is not a  religious document, and we’ll stay away from the supernatural here, (although “magic” seems to offer the most plausible answers to most of these questions,  but then opens the equally daunting questions of what “magic” is, how it works, and how it came to exist. Also, the incredibly perfect nature of everything suggests it was planned and constructed with the benefit of fantastically  massive intelligence, etc., and the same questions apply to a “creator” — how did HE or SHE come to exist?)

Why are these questions unanswerable? Take force, for example:

Consider the noun  “force” — defined in Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary as:
“10. In physics,  the cause of motion, or change or stoppage of motion, of a body.”

What exactly is a force, in physics<!–? <

No one has the slightest  idea. No decent theories have ever been published. Each known force has been perfectly described mathematically, but no one knows what is being  described.

Want to take a guess as to how any two particles attract or repel each other?  Is there any reason why they should? Without the “weak” force, there is no matter,  (the weak force holds atomic particles together.) Without gravity, life on Earth could not exist, (the sun wouldn’t hold the Earth in orbit.)  Without electric charge, there could be no chemistry and therefore no life, because electrons  wouldn’t orbit the nuclei of atoms, molecules wouldn’t form, etc.

Some of the topics in these pages are in the realm of physics, while others are in cosmology or special relativity.  I’ve linked internet references to some of these topics.   WARNING: Some of these websites are very deep. You may wander in and never find your way out.


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